SmartBaffle is made by DCI ProductsSmartBaffle is available in 16” and 24” stock sizes. These insulation baffles are strong, durable, easy to work with and can be used in new construction or retrofit during renovations.

SmartBaffle 16 out-of-the-box size is 18.5”W X 37.5”L X 4mm (thick) and is constructed of rigid, corrugated plastic with two bending routes each route at 2.25” in from the long edge. After installed, the SmartBaffle is 14" wide with 2" flanges. These insulation baffles are strong enough to support spray foam expanding insulation creating the required air chute most shingle manufacturers require for shingle warranties. Each piece can be very easily cut in half using a standard utility knife. The SmartBaffle can be cut in half for double coverage at the eaves area to guard against insulation blockage. Each cut piece would be 18.5” in length.

The SmartBaffle can be installed with a bent down starter to seal the soffit insulation as a weather barrier by simply scoring the two side flanges and bending down at the appropriate distance. What’s more is that the SmartBaffle can be installed from the roof or from the inside room or attic. As you can see the SmartBaffle is very versatile and cost effective.

This is showing how mounting flanges have been created for mounting.Square inch by square inch, SmartBaffle is priced similar to those baffles found in the big box stores. The difference is eye opening as to the amount of air movement when comparing product to product. The competition has less than ½ the air flow capability as the SmartBaffle and less than 80% of the structural support when compared to the SmartBaffle. Still unsure of the differences? Request a free sample of SmartBaffle and you do your own comparison test. A fully squashed thin plastic foam baffle or plastic baffle will allow very little if any air flow through the chute. This could be detrimental to the attic ventilation system. And what’s worse is that you would not be aware of the problem until you are faced with it. Mold in your attic. Make the Smart Choice. Use the SmartBaffle when specifying a quality insulation baffle on your next job or project and rest assured that you are giving your customer a quality, lifelong product and yourself “piece-of-mind”.