SmartBaffle Answers

Question: Can SmartBaffle be installed in other than new roofs?

Answer: They can definitely be install in existing buildings. SmartBaffle is easily installed from inside the attic also. Because SmartBaffle has a 2" airspace it bypasses all the roofing nails making is very easy to install. It also spans the entire rafter bay to give full airflow, maximizing the ventilation system. Call or send us a message, if we can help with any other questions.

Question: Other insulation baffles are 48". Why is SmartBaffle smaller?

Answer: We make the SmartBaffle in 37 1/2“ lengths for easy handling during installation and maximum strength. We understand your use and we have many contractors combine multiple baffles together to make them even longer. They can be made to 6’,9’, 12’, etc. We have even had contractor use an electrical fish or wire to attach to the baffle, because they are so durable, and pull them through each rafter bay. Hopefully this helps. Always feel free to call us too. We make suggestions all the time for specific tougher projects.

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