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 One 20 foot roll of US RoofVent for $59.95

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The US Roof Vent is installed on the roof top at the eaves edge under the first course of shingle for intake ventilation. It is designed by professional roofing engineers for attics without soffits or attics that require additional air intake ventilation. The US Roof Vent comes on a roll so it makes for a quicker installation saving you the contractor time on the job site. It is also contractor friendly in that it cuts easily, it is lightweight, it comes on a roll, it allows air flow at all locations within the product, and it costs less than the major competitors. We call this new product a win-win for the contractor. Try some rolls and see for yourself.

Us RoofVent being installed

The US Roof Vent is rated at 9 NFA so it can be used at the soffit for all ridge vents that are rated up to 18 NFA since homes have 2 soffits which equate to 18 NFA of total air intake. The US Roof Vent is crush resistant, installs using air guns or hand nailing and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. Use the US Roof Vent at the soffit area for all your roof top jobs to achieve the proper air intake, or simply to enhance the existing air flow. The US Roof Vent can operate with other soffit vents that may be inefficient or even blocked with insulation. Proper exhaust vents are required to complete the attic air flow. The US Roof Vent easily cuts with scissors, shears or a utility knife. This vent can be moved further up the roof under the shingle courses if the soffit is open to the underside of the roof deck. The lowest possible course of shingles to install this vent is recommended. Providing 9 square inches of airflow per linear foot, this vent provides and/or exceeds most local and national code requirements.

This product comes in roll form, 20 feet per box and comes with built-in weather protection fabric to protect against gale force winds, snow and rain.

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 One 20 foot roll of US RoofVent for $59.95