FasciaVent Revolutionizes Metal and Asphalt Industry!

FasciaVent allows air to enter through the fascia board, under the roof decking and up to the ridge vent or other installed exhaust device.

Your gutter can be installed directly onto FasciaVent.
FasciaVent is ideal for roofs that are less than 4/12 pitch.

Focusing on the importance of roof intake ventilation and concerned about the growing number of litigation cases against large established roofing companies & manufacturers regarding mold and moisture issues, DCI Products Inc. introduces FasciaVent for the metal & asphalt roofing industry. FasciaVent installed on asphalt or metal roofing allows cooler air to enter through the fascia traveling under the entire roof decking structure and out the preferred ridge vent or other exhaust apparatus.

DCI promised that the company would address the growing metal roofing industry with patented intake ventilation products that would satisfy new and retrofit jobs. FasciaVent reduces the roof top lift up that hinders long rigid metal panel installations, yet is easily installed prior to roof shingle or panel installation. FasciaVent has a NFA rating of 9 square inches per linear foot.

FasciaVent installed on asphalt or metal roofing allows cooler air to enter through the fascia traveling under the entire roof decking structure and out the preferred ridge vent or other exhaust apparatus.

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22 pieces per box of 66 feet for $211.20

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 One 20 foot roll of US RoofVent for $65.00

US RoofVent sellsheet

The US Roof Vent is installed on the roof top at the eaves edge under the first course of shingle for intake ventilation. It is designed by professional roofing engineers for attics without soffits or attics that require additional air intake ventilation. The US Roof Vent comes on a roll so it makes for a quicker installation saving you the contractor time on the job site. It is also contractor friendly in that it cuts easily, it is lightweight, it comes on a roll, it allows air flow at all locations within the product, and it costs less than the major competitors. We call this new product a win-win for the contractor. Try some rolls and see for yourself.

Us RoofVent being installed

The US Roof Vent is rated at 9 NFA so it can be used at the soffit for all ridge vents that are rated up to 18 NFA since homes have 2 soffits which equate to 18 NFA of total air intake. The US Roof Vent is crush resistant, installs using air guns or hand nailing and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. Use the US Roof Vent at the soffit area for all your roof top jobs to achieve the proper air intake, or simply to enhance the existing air flow. The US Roof Vent can operate with other soffit vents that may be inefficient or even blocked with insulation. Proper exhaust vents are required to complete the attic air flow. The US Roof Vent easily cuts with scissors, shears or a utility knife. This vent can be moved further up the roof under the shingle courses if the soffit is open to the underside of the roof deck. The lowest possible course of shingles to install this vent is recommended. Providing 9 square inches of airflow per linear foot, this vent provides and/or exceeds most local and national code requirements.

This product comes in roll form, 20 feet per box and comes with built-in weather protection fabric to protect against gale force winds, snow and rain.

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 One 20 foot roll of US RoofVent for $65.00

standing seam ridge vent image 

Prevents entry of rain, snow & sleet

 Pre-cut for perfect fit between ribs

 Virtually invisible and crush resistant

 Guards against insects, rodents & debris.


The Standing Seam Vent (SS-Vent) is available for any thickness, width, length and rib angle for your particular roof panels. But some common sizes are stocked at DCI such as the 2.75”W X 7/8”H vent that comes in 12” and 16” lengths with rib angles precut. Each Standing Seam Vent (SS-Vent) can be pre-mitered at our factory for easy fit between each standing seam on the metal roof or supplied to you at 37” lengths for on site cutting.It’s easy to cut the length and angle using a standard electric miter saw. Simply let us know the preferred thickness and we will supply the 37” X 2-3/4” stick pieces for you to cut to length on the job. Or you tell us any size you require and we will make the vents to your specs.The DCI Standing Seam vent can be used at the Ridge, Shed Roof or at the Roof-to-Wall locations as exhaust for standing seam roof panels. Looking for strong, durable, contractor friendly products? Well you are at the right place! All DCI products are built tough with the contractor in mind. 

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Universal Tapered End Caps

Universal Tapered End Caps are 10.5″ square tapered ventilation pieces that seamlessly blend with US RoofVent to give the roof a more aesthetic and clean finish to your intake ventilation project.

Universal Tapered End Caps

The patented Universal Tapered End Cap can be installed Right Side or Left Side, as you begin your  US RoofVent run or end the run. Designed with the contractor in mind, this easy to install end cap makes working with US RoofVent simple and cost effective. Use it to end a run near a dormer, valley, hip, chimney or skylight.

The Universal Tapered End Cap ‘tapers’ the US RoofVent back down to the roof. All that you need to do is nail it down to the roof. Period! The fabric is already attached at the factory for right hand or left hand installations.

Universal Tapered End Caps were originally introduced to the roofing industry as SmartVent Tapered End Caps.

As time and testing have proven this end cap can be used with most over eave intake vents on the market.

These end caps provide a smooth transition from vent to roof deck. This assures that the shingles will not only look aesthetically clean, but minimizes the wear and possible cracking of the shingles.

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